Welcome to Jim Kerr for Mayor

Welcome To Jim Kerr 4 Mayor

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We are the best political team in this world. everybody believe our team because we made pure world. our all the team member are very inteligent and very trusted.

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About Jim Kerr

I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Burlington and here are some of the skills I will bring to the office of the Mayor

Designated Accountant

I hold the designation CPA, CMA (Certified Management Accountant)

Corporate Restructuring

I have worked across Canada on projects that involved the restructuring of distressed companies. Providing solutions that benefited the Community, local Businesses and the surrounding region.

Green Alternative Energy experience

CFO of a publicly traded solar and wind company as well as an alternative energy company.

Chief Federal Negotiator for the Federal Government

Recruited by the Canadian Government to deliver a solution to the question "How to Finance First Nations Infrastructure on Reserve" with an eye to Self Governance.

Ministers Special Representative

Appointed Special Representative to the Honorable John Duncan, Member of Parliament and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (Ret)

Assisted Mayors of towns throughout Canada

One of the most rewarding solutions that I created was to provide the Mayors of Prince Rupert and Terrace BC with a plan to convert a facility that had gone bankrupt. The Mayors took that plan and presented it to the Provincial Government of BC and today, there is a Container Port on the site providing a long term sustainable industry for the region.

Let's Do This Together

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To Help Make the Changes We Need?

My Political Platform

Burlington has been my home my entire life. I am looking forward to helping it move into the Future with a Strong and Sustainable Vision

Smart Growth

Community Centers and Parks

Smart Transit

Affordable Housing

Fiscal Governance & Responsibility

Long-Term Care and Health Care Facilities

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Contribution Rules:

  • Unlike federal and provincial campaigns, there is no tax rebate for contributions to municipal campaigns.
  • Limit for contributions from one contributor to one candidate is $1,200.
  • A contribution of money that exceeds $25 cannot be given in cash.
  • Only Ontario residents can contribute. Corporations, trade unions, federal/provincial political parties/constituency associations, or a registered candidate in a federal/provincial election can not contribute. Clubs, associations and ratepayers groups cannot contribute but individual members of these groups can make a contribution from their personal funds.
  • You can contribute to more than one campaign. The maximum total amount a contributor can give to all candidates in the same jurisdiction is $5,000.
  • Contributors who give $100 or less will not be publicly listed on candidate filings, however must provide their name and Ontario address to the candidate for audit purposes.

E-transfers can also be made to donations@kerr4mayor.com

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Get out and Vote Burlington...Your Vote Matters

2-5 Sep 2022


Spencer Smith Park, Burlington

Always a great time...Hope to see you there!

Advance Voting and the Internet

Burlington, Ontario

Sept. 26 to Oct. 19, 2022: Internet voting registration period opens Oct. 11 to 20, 2022: Internet voting

24 October 2022

Election Day

Burlington, Ontario

It's Election Day!! Time to Vote.

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      CPA, CMA accounting designation

      Corporate Restructuring

      CFO for Publicly traded Company's

      Chief Federal Negotiator

      Ministers Special Representative

      Assist Mayors of Towns in Canada...

      We're getting ready to tell you more.

      What does Smart Growth mean….

      Keeping our current businesses in Burlington while attracting new and vibrant businesses

      Creating growth within Burlington that is not intrusive on neighbourhoods

      Thinking of new ways to develop properties ie. Utilizing existing structures to develop more housing

      Creating a tax revenue base that keeps pace with the growing needs of Burlington and helps to avoid higher taxes and fees

      Growth without effecting green spaces

      As Burlington continues to Grow we will need to ensure that there are enough conveniently located Community Centers that are providing easy access for everyone

      Let's make sure that children have access to enough parks and outdoor recreational facilities like I enjoyed while growing up in Burlington

      Let's make it Safe and Fun for Everyone

      Let's find a way to improve bus ridership

      Increase operational efficiencies and improve bus routes to reach as many users as possible

      Improve bike routes

      Smart traffic controllership

      Let's Make our roads the safest they can be

      Let's find ways to improve access to affordable housing

      Maybe that involves changes that allow families to build in-law suites so their loved ones can stay in the community and close to family and friends

      Let's do it in a non-intrusive manner while maintaining Burlington's Charm and Character

      As an accountant with experience in Corporate Restructuring, I'd like to ensure that Burlington has a solid financial plan going into the future

      A Smart Tax Structure that is fair and flexible for all residents of Burlington

      Let's make sure that we have the funds and resources so Burlington has a bright Financial Future

      I'll be spending time during my first 90 days reviewing areas that have shown financial losses and identifying why, while also determining how sustainable the current Financial Plan is for Burlington and working with Council to make changes

      With a shift in the age demographics throughout Canada, Burlington will also need to ensure that facilities are available to meet those needs which will allow those who have call Burlington their home, to remain active in our Community.

      Maybe that means more retirement villas/homes, health care services or reviewing the current infrastructure for ease of access, including transportation.